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Iceland has some of the most striking landscapes in the world including roaring waterfalls, glaciers, geysers and lava fields stretching out for miles..

Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and didn't let us get as many pictures as we would have liked. Still we captured enough to give you a taste of this small friendly island country that is like no other place on earth.
(Note that you should bring foul weather gear at all times. We were there in July and needed winter clothes every day)

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A little bit of everything

glacier hiking+ animal life Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 20:14:37

Walking on a glacier face – not something you get to do everybody!What Iceland lacks in diversity of wildlife it makes up for in raw numbers. You will see sheep everywhere! White, black, spotted, there are abundant numbers of sheep all around.On the cuter side – to some – are the Icelandic ponies. These friendly little things are in fair numbers as well.

yes, a mountainside

Homes built into a mountain?! Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 20:08:27

Yes, this home is built into the base of the mountain wall. Common until the past 50 years or so, these homes provided shelter from the wind and worst of Iceland’s winter weather.

Power of nature

A volcano's destructive power Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 20:03:21

In 2010 a volcanic eruption in Iceland disrupted air travel around the world and sent parts of a glacier covering the volcano streaming down hill. This activity cracked the mountain, flooding a channel miles wide and leaving over a half mile of sand and debris in its wake- all in one day! Look very closely, zoom into where the water is flowing out of the split rock, and you will see me dwarfed by these massive rocks. The remaining glacier – and volcano- is above this spot. The second pic is the same spot from a half mile back. Before the eruption the glacier extended to here. The split rock is on the right.

Here is a view from hiking the mountains across and above this spot – which sits on the valley floor. Those river beds are miles across and the water deep enough in spots to sink a car. The flows changing rapidly, day to day the depth changes; don’t drive across without a local guiding you.

waterfalls, waterfalls, and more waterfalls

Waterfalls, waterfalls Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 19:59:34

It seems that almost hillside has a waterfall streaming down its’ side!

Colorful cliffs

Breathtaking cliffs Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 19:46:47

All of these shots were taken standing in the same spot, just looking left and right. Notice the TONS of birds on the cliffs – all those white spots – bring binoculars for a few of immense bird life, as well as puffins and whales potentially swimming right off shore.Getting to this spot required a 4 wheel drive..there are many places in Iceland that require either having a 4 wheel drive or taking a tour with a local.

Of course we visited Blue Lagoon!

The Blue Lagoon Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 19:42:47

While there are many thermal baths across Iceland – almost every town has one- and many can be find in nature via hikes (ask a local, and don’t just hop in, you could fry yourself..seriously, people have died) the most famous of course is Blue Lagoon.

The drive to Blue Lagoon takes you across a view of the cracked earth, with the land pushed up from volcanic forces underneath it for as far as the eye can see:
Then follow the immense amount of steam in the distance and you arrive at one of the most visited places in Iceland

The water appears blue even on a cloudy day (of which there are many in Iceland, be prepared for winter at all times!)

Lunar landscapes

Hiking a lunar landscape Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 19:37:37

Geysers abound in Iceland; sulfur smells, steam and bubbling mud pots are evidence of the active earth at your feet.Hiking above this geyser field bought us to a beautiful view of lush green, more volcanoes and steam vents, lakes and the ocean is in the background.Then looking as we crested the rigde and looked to our right…
it’s like a lunar landscape…

Black sand to volcanic rock

Black sand beaches, volcanic r Posted on Thu, August 30, 2018 19:29:36

Black sand beaches, volcanic rocks, glaciers, waterfalls, homes built into caves – and that’s just one day in Iceland!

This is a view of the famous Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, known to Game of Thrones fans as Eastwatch by the Sea.
A natural arch juts out over the sceneColumnar basalt is awesome. It’s the result of slow cooling lava flows. You’ll see some examples in Iceland where the direction of cooling changed so the columns curve rather dramatically to point in a new direction.
This really shows the flow,they look like waves..and are in a way.

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